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     First, note that all text may be entered in lower case. There is no need to capitalize names.
Easiest way to search
     The easiest way to find an inmate is to fill in at least the first three letters of their last name. This will produce a list of all inmates whose last name begins with those letters. For example, "joh" would return the last names "johnson", and "johnston". If you know how to spell the entire last name, you should enter the whole name. You do not need to enter a first name, but if you know it, enter it along with the last name. This will likely take you right to the details of the individual, rather than to a list of matches.
Search by booking date
     If you are interested in all individuals booked on a particular date, choose the month and day from the pulldown lists, and enter a valid year (yyyy). Do not enter a date after today, as no one will have a booking date in the future. You may use the last name in addition to the booking date if you wish. For instance, if you are looking for Mr. Smith, who was booked yesterday, but don't know his first name, this type of search might work best for you.

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